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Website Accessibility Information

This website contains a hover menu. This is located across the top of the page and the menu items go from left to right. The hover menu allows sighted users to hover their mouse over certain items which opens a sub menu of links they can click on. Some menus can contain sub menus and therefore can't be opened by hitting enter on them when using a screen reader.

With VoiceOver for Mac you first need to turn on quick navigation. Bring focus to the menu you want to access. It doesn't matter which method you use to get there. Instead of pushing enter on the menu, push CONTROL, OPTION, COMMAND, F5. This will force the mouse cursor to hover over the menu item which has focus. You will hear VoiceOver announce the menu item a second time, and you can then use the down arrow to scroll through the list of links in that sub menu. To open a link, just hit enter.

If you are browsing the website using VoiceOver on an IOS device, a responsive template was automatically loaded. This changes the layout of the menu. Instead of a hover menu, there is a menu button. Double tap this, the menu will now expand with a list of menu items. Navigate to an item containing a sub menu and double tap it. You won't hear any feedback, but the submenu will open directly below that menu item. Swipe your finger from left to right to scroll through sub menu items and double tap on one to open it.

If you are using JAWS, Pushing CONTROL, INSERT and ENTER will create a hover action on the menu that has focus. I assume that using the down arrow will then allow you to scroll through the sub menu. However, I personally am a VoiceOver user and have never tried to access my website with JAWS or any other screen reader.

I hope this makes it easier for you to navigate the website. Have fun!