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Welcome on the JustConnectTeam page

Hello! We are Jessica and Codee also known as the JustConnectTeam. Jessica comes from the Netherlands and Codee from England, but has lived in the Netherlands since December 2012. We live together in Dronten due to physical disabilities of Codee she can't not live independently. So, we live together in one house in the province of Flevoland. Not only are we best friends, We work together to find the best solutions so that we can get the best out of life.

That's why we are known as the JustConnectTeam. Because we believe that it's always possible to make a connection with the world around you. This is our main website that before was use for loads of things but during the years our intereste has change. To make life easier for our friends and followers we now have our own website Belowe here you will find all the information about the two website, and in the sidebars you can find all our info you need.

Codee writes blogs about her life challenges and all kinds of other fun stuff. On her website you will also find photo's, yes with a bit of help she can make amazing shots and makes great video also because she can edit blind. If you want to Learn Dutch, you can because on her website she learnes you Dutch. Codee's website has buttons to translate directly to the most used languages.

Jessica started her own website in 2014 when she needed a new job, but in the last years she build it out to a combination of here Photograpy, Work and Carer website. She is a great photographer mostly does nature shot and sometimes goes of the grid and does a zoo. She renewed here website in May 2018 . Website is fully in Dutch, but a translater will be added also.

Then there is one more important somebody in Codee's life that has is own Facebook Page and Twitter account. Its her Service dog Don. Codee is also a author now at Dogzine and is going to share here journey with Don also on there for all the readers.

We invite you to take a look around on our websites and follow us on one of our Social Media channels to stay up to date. Thanks for your visit.