Welcome on the JustConnectTeam page

Hello! We are Jessica and Codee also known as the JustConnectTeam.  Jessica comes from the Netherlands and Codee from England, but has lived in the Netherlands since December 2012. We live together in Dronten due to physical disabilities of Codee she can't not live independently. So, we live together in one house in the province of Flevoland  Not only are we best friends, We work together to find the best solutions so that we can get the best out of life.

That's why we are known as the JustConnectTeam. Because we believe that it's always possible to make a connection with the world around you. This is our main website that before was use for loads of things but during the years our intereste has change. To make life easier for our friends and followers we now have our own website

Next to that we recently added a new website to the justconnect.eu group for one of Codee's new friends from the CRS Europe group on Facebook. We want to say welcome to Kimberly a new member of JustConnectTeam ,who came over from a wordpress blogger website to our joomla website for multiple reasons. 

Belowe here you will find all the informatie about the three website, feel free to check them out.

Codee took most of the stuff that was on the main website, to her new website. She is the one that is still the most active on our Youtube channel, she writes blogs about her life challenges and all kinds of other fun stuff. On her website you will also find photo's but in the future there will not be loads of new uploads due to her sight lost, but she will be able to stay making great video because she can edit blind. Just one more thing if you want to Learn Dutch, you still can because all the information is also on her website about how she learned Dutch and shares that with you. Codee her website is still fully in English but there are some Dutch vlogs online she is trying to doing subtitels but its a bit difficult so be patient. If you want to help her just send a messages.


 Click on the photo for her page.


Jessica started her own website in 2014 when she needed a new job, but in the last two years she build it to way much more. She is a great photographer and writes blogs about being a caretaker. Due to the fact that we are living in the Netherlands, Jessica blogs are in Dutch. All our website have buttons to translate directly to the most used languages.

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Kimberly started blogging in augustus 2016 about her life with congenital rubella syndrome, and is taking a if of to a great start, we have moved her first blogs als over to here including existing comments and she will from now on blog on this website.  We hope you will give here a warm welcome and check here website out, please leave a comment under her blogs if you have questions or just want to let her know what that thought about that blog.

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We invite you to take a look around on our websites. Thanks for your visit.