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JustConnectTeam is always online, so you can contact us through twitter ore us the contact form. If you rather have a personal conversation don't hesitate to do that. 
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What our website name?

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Hello! We are Jessica and Codee, also known as the JustConnectTeam. Jessica comes from the Netherlands and Codee from England, but has lived in the Netherlands since December 2012. Due to physical disabilities, Codee can not live independently. So, we live together in one house in the province of Flevoland. Not only are we best friends, but Jessica is also Codee's caregiver. We work together to find the best solutions so that we can get the best out of life.
That's why we are known as the JustConnectTeam. Because we believe that it's always possible to make a connection with the world around you.
We have made this website to let you see how it is to live, as a caregiver and also as a person with a physical disability. Through blogs, YouTube videos and other information on this website, you can learn more about us.  Not only about our life, but also about the things we like and that are important to us. 
What are we going to share?
- Stories about the challenges in daily life.
- News and reviews over aids and technology that can make life easier. 
- Dutch lessons for the people who really want to learn. 
- Our activity on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Google+ and YouTube. And much more!
We invite you to look around. We hope that you will enjoy this site. Thanks for visiting! 
Never forget, JustConnect!

Photo Slideshow

I like to make photos, its a challenge due to me being visually impaired