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Welcome on the JustConnectTeam page


Hello! We are Jessica, Codee also known as the JustConnectTeam.  Jessica comes from the Netherlands and Codee from England, but has lived in the Netherlands since December 2012. We live together in Dronten due to physical disabilities of Codee she can't not live independently. So, they live together in one house in the province of Flevoland  Not only are we best friends, We work together to find the best solutions so that we can get the best out of life.

That's why we are known as the JustConnectTeam. Because we believe that it's always possible to make a connection with the world around you. On the website of JustConnectTeam you will find everything we share on Youtube and Flickr. Next to that you can learn Dutch through written lessons and online videos. 

But it doesn't stop there we also have our own websites, Codee has a website called "Through Codee's Eyes" and Jessica has a website called "DSLRHOBO" . Click on the photos below here to go to the correct page.



We invite you to take a look around on our websites. Thanks for your visit.