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13:04-- Codee: New User: Dana. Welcome to the JustConnect family.
23:50-- Lodewijk: hoi CJ here is Renato
23:51-- Lodewijk: how can I do to talk to you?
8:14-- Codee: Hi renato. Its nice to see you. You can add me to skype. The username is or you can look for me on facebook if you search for Codee Richards-Jones and add me as friend.
15:15-- Codee: New User: Sonko6543. Welcome to the JustConnect family.
18:44-- Jessy: Hi Everybody, Just wanted to let you now there is a new video online on our youtube channel.
23:46-- Guest_7802: hi CJ I've already added you, but nothing.. :-(
17:54-- Codee: New user: Ianmcnamars. Welcome to the JustConnect family.
18:21-- ianmcnamara: hello all, I am Ian 30 from England. I am Totally blind and have a guide dog. I also know Codee from when she lived in the UK.
17:43-- Jessy: New user: Nutella3254. Welcome to the JustConnect family.
17:44-- Jessy: Hello Ian, welcome to our page. I think you have already been in contact with Codee.
16:43-- Jessy: New Jessy shoots is online you will find it directly in the youtube slider below our shootbox
18:42-- jessica: We want to say welcome to our Guest you can ask as anything you want to now about this page ore our team.
18:43-- jessica: New video is online. You can find it right below here in the youtube slider.
12:43-- jessica: The last Jessy Shoots is online and you can find it in the youtube box below here
12:44-- jessica: To follow that there is on the blog page of Jessica a slide show and a referral to here Flickr page where she will page here pictures from now on.
12:45-- jessica: Link for the blog page is «link»
12:33-- jessica: So how is everybody doing today. Its bloody hot in Dutch land.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

JustConnectTeam So i think i made Codee very happy. She has shoot some nice pictures with the Nikon 3200 on our way back home.
JustConnectTeam Ok we are stuck at the bus stop for now
JustConnectTeam We are on the move again off to a birthday
JustConnectTeam RT @jessicahobo78: @BobenRob: made this for @EmanuelHobo today is his 41st birthday! In this picture you can see what he loves the most! ht…